Monday, August 25, 2014

Sleep, baby, sleep!

Long days at home, just me and the kids. The house doesn't see improvement projects. The table isn't used for crafts or art. The laundry machines aren't being utilized.

The yard, on the other hand, is littered with toys. The sandbox, pool, and water table are evidence of the tired mama and kiddos inside. Emily was so tired she passed out in my arms at lunch without having a bite. She didn't even nurse, which is unusual for her.

I'm feeling better now that I've had 4 full days of amoxicillin. Amazing what exhaustion does to the mind and body and spirit. With Emily sleeping in the other room now, I'm ready to have my sleep. She's 13.5 months old, and I'm tired. The issue: her nursing at night. I need to spend a couple of weeks giving her the chance to work through some of her night awakening, but that requires my to be awake through her feedings so I can put her back in her crib right away.

I am trying to remind myself that this is temporary. In just a few months she should be sleeping 12 hours straight. Time for me to work on that for both of us!

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  1. I'm glad you have a plan. You need your sleep and she does too. Once she gets used to it, she'll be a happier girl too!